Often Imitated, Never Duplicated – Why?

The success of SOURCE is attracting many imitators who would have you believe that, just because what they offer contains seaweed or kelp, it is “the same as SOURCE”, or “as good as SOURCE” or it is the “generic brand of SOURCE”.

Although these products may contain seaweed meals, the similarity ends there! None have ever succeeded in duplicating the effectiveness of SOURCE.

SOURCE, INC. has complete control over its product formulation and quality from the point of harvest through the final blend. With its own processing seaweeds, SOURCE, INC. is not dependent on other suppliers who sell whatever is available. Other supplement companies commonly purchase a single species of seaweed (generally the cheapest and most readily available) without knowledge of or control over the many factors which influence the final product quality.

It should be noted that SOURCE contains no Laminaria kelp. The “kelps” are often used in other products. However, we feel that the high iodine content, as well as other problems, preclude their use as safe and effective nutritional ingredients.

Laboratory analysis can be used to demonstrate the superiority of SOURCE (although we feel the most valid test is the results you see for yourself). For example, although SOURCE should not be considered a therapeutic “vitamin supplement”, it does contain low levels of vitamins in their naturally occurring form. If you know about hay quality, you know how vulnerable vitamin content can be to processing techniques. (Improperly cured or “old” hay, for example, has lost the green color due to loss of carotene.) How does SOURCE measure up using this indicator in overall product quality?

comparison graphWe tested SOURCE and samples of four other seaweed products. The higher vitamin levels in SOURCE shown in the graphs above prove that SOURCE excels, verified not by “label” claims, but by independent laboratory analysis.

More and more often we hear from customers who have tried “BRAND X”, did not get the results they expected, and have come back to SOURCE.

The choice is yours!