A Second Chance For Alibi

Although this 27 year old broodmare looked like a “neglect” case, she was NOT. She would conceive and then “slip” the fetus in less than 30 days. Recurring reproductive infections were repeatedly treated. Her reproductive history, deteriorating overall condition and the expanding skin fungus that resisted all treatment suggested, at the very least, an impaired and weakening immune system.


another view shows her poor state of healthAlibi – though looking quite neglected – took much care to look this good

It was suggested that “perhaps it was time to dig a hole for her.”

… and then SOURCE was added to her diet and four months later…

  Alibi 4 months later
The same mare
only 120 days later
after adding SOURCE to her diet

  hoof after 4 months on SOURCE
This photo shows the remarkable new healthy hoof growth after only 120 days on SOURCE.

After only four months just look how much Alibi’s coat has repigmented – compare to the dull, dead color on the first page! Even the wart on her nose has disappeared. Her coat has come back and the fungus is gone – all at age 27. her hair color is restored to a dark, rich red