In The Beginning…way back when…

The SOURCE trademarked logo was created more than 20 years ago by artist Jan Royce ConantSOURCE began… because of a horse.

From the single product, the original SOURCE Micronutrients, first sold in 1975 as a horse product, SOURCE, INC.’s seaweed-based micronutrient supplements are now marketed worldwide and include products specifically formulated for horses, dogs and people.

More than three decades ago SOURCE president and founder, Susan Domizi, was competing on her eventing horse, Hull, with hopes of being on the US Equestrian Olympic Team. “My horse [Hull] had hoof problems and couldn’t maintain his body weight. He received the finest feeding program and veterinary care available. I suspected a nutrient deficiency and set out to find something to help him.”

She found a great deal of Norwegian and Japanese research on seaweeds that scientists and agriculturists here had not been able to duplicate. In addition to using information learned while earning a degree from Columbia University in New York, she studied all available data to determine what the American studies had missed. She used this information as a starting point for developing other approaches.

By trying different kinds of seaweeds, different blends, different methods of processing and constantly analyzing the findings she came up with a finely ground, dry mixture that she put in her horse’s food. Her horse began to thrive.

And that was the first serving of the product that was later to become SOURCE.

By 1969 Hull was named U.S. Intermediate Horse Of The Year in Combined Training. Word of his improved physical condition spread fast through the equestrian community and before Susan knew it she was in business.

“The changes in Hull were quite dramatic,” she said, “and more and more people asked for the same formula that had made such a difference in him.”

“Then customers started telling me that since it worked so well on horses they were also giving it to other animals,” she continued. “Dogs being fed the supplement improved, too. Their coats were shinier and thicker and more intensely colored. Even egg production in chickens increased, as well as the strength of the shells, and more live chicks were born.”

Regardless of the apparent success of the still un-named product, Domizi decided to pack it all in around 1974… she had little or no time for her growing family or her own horses… [She] had an increasingly difficult time getting the various kinds and quality of ingredients necessary to ensure the consistent balance of the product.

“I never meant to be in business,” Domizi said, “but then so many people said it had made a difference in their lives and for their animals… I just couldn’t quit…”

“I knew in order to continue,” Domizi said, “I would need to develop my own sources of supply…”

SOURCE pailWhen all the pieces were finally in place, SOURCE® was formally introduced in the December, 1975. The rest is history. SOURCE Micronutrients was the first nutritional supplement sold in the horse industry to ever offer a no-questions-asked, money back guarantee, despite warnings from everyone from bankers to competitors. Domizi so believed in customer satisfaction with her product, that she felt the guarantee would enable everyone to see the benefits of her micronutrient supplement totally risk-free.
Domizi is quick to point out that neither she nor SOURCE, Inc. want to mislead anyone or make specific health claims. But response from customers can’t be discounted. Domizi’s office at SOURCE’s headquarters in N. Branford, Connecticut, has notebooks filled with raves and unsolicited testimonials sent by SOURCE users.

Future plans for SOURCE include the development of additional products for specific needs. “Whatever products we develop will all depend on the unique micronutrients derived from seaweeds,” Domizi said.

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