SOURCE Nutrient Digestability

A Preliminary Study: The Effect of SOURCE® Supplementation on Nutrient Digestibility in Mature Horses

A complete collection digestion trial was conducted at an independent research metabolism unit in order to evaluate the effect of SOURCE supplementation on nutrient digestibility in horses. Four mature horses were fed a sweet feed and grass hay diet with or without SOURCE supplementation in a two-period, switch back design trial. Each period consisted of a three-week acclimation period followed by a five-day collection.

It should be noted that the design of this trial was longitudinal. This design does not eliminate possible period effects. The manufacturer was concerned that the test period was so short that no benefit might be measurable in that brief a time. However, several indictor results were of particular interest, and if confirmed, would suggest an underlying mechanism for the frequently reported benefits of SOURCE supplementation. For example, zinc showed an increase in apparent digestibility of 127%. The 1989 NRC (Nutrient Requirements for Horses) estimates that a horse is able to utilize only 5 to 10% of the zinc provided in the diet. To enable a horse to utilize more than twice as much of its dietary zinc is indeed significant. Through a mechanism not yet understood, SOURCE appears to have dramatically affected, and improved, the bioavailability of this essential nutrient. Zinc is critically involved in such areas a embryogenesis, collagen formation (including bone, cartilage, tendon, and skin), wound healing, glucose and lipid metabolism, and feed efficiency (utilization). 
Note: SOURCE® is a proprietary blend of dehydrated seaweed meals used as a source of dietary micronutrients. No Laminaria kelps are used, and iodine levels are controlled and safe. The manufacturer is SOURCE,INC.,101 Fowler Road, North Branford, CT 06471 USA. (203) 488-6400.

“A Preliminary Study: The Effect of SOURCE® Supplementation on Nutrient Digestibility in Mature Horses”