Although large advances have been made in the science of horse nutrition, a great deal is still unknown about what nutrients are required by the horse. Traditionally, horse rations are supplemented with fewer than 10 – 15 added minerals. There are many more minerals than this is nature and it is highly likely that the horse has requirements for additional trace elements that have not yet been identified as essential.
FOCUS HF, FOCUS WT and FOCUS SR provides the horse with a unique broad spectrum of micronutrients from SOURCE. These nutrients include at least 60 minerals and trace elements in an organic, bioavailable form. In addition, seaweeds contain other natural bio-active compounds and co-factors which may be missing from your horse’s diet. These micronutrients are synergistic with all the other ingredients is FOCUS products and will help to increase their effectiveness. Please see SOURCE Products: for Horses, for more information.