SOURCE Additional Analysis


The proprietary blend of our SOURCE® and Micro-MAX® micronutrients is derived from the most nutrient dense natural materials available–the ocean’s herbs– the seaweeds. Unlike our increasingly trace mineral bankrupt agricultural soils, the growing medium for the seaweeds is the oceans’ waters, nature’s richest storehouse of nutrient building blocks.

Exciting research is concentrating on the extraordinary natural compounds in the seaweeds and their applications for human health. These include (but are not limited to!) the fucans (sulfated polysaccharides), phytochemicals, oligosaccharides and various radical scavenging antioxidants. Research has pointed to these and other compounds as having significant anti-tumor, antiviral, antigenotoxic and anti-mutagenic activity. As research in the future years continues to unlock “the secrets of seaweeds”, we predict that this material will come to be recognized as the single most potent, useful, bio-active natural plant material on earth.

The information below shows concentration ranges of various macrominerals, vitamins and trace elements.
* those which have already been identified as “essential”.
**those which are now under consideration for “essential” status, and many for which no need has yet been established.

MACROMINERALS (min. unless noted as max.)

Sodium 3.5% (max) Calcium 1.2%
Sulfur 2.1% Magnesium 0.7%
Potassium 1.5% Phosphorus 0.1%
10-140 mg./lb 2-9 mg./lb.
Xanthophyll K1, Phylloquinone
Beta-carotene Pantothenic Acid
Choline Ascorbic Acid
Folic Acid Biotin
Inositol Thiamine
B12 Niacin
Pyridoxine, B6 Riboflavin B2
Alpha Tocopherol: 172 I/U/lb


* =essential

* * = currently considered possibly essential

100-999 ppm
Iodine * Iron * Aluminum ** Bromine **

1-99 ppm 

Boron ** Barium** Cobalt * Selenium *
Manganese * Antimony** Vanadium * Niobin
Zinc * Silicon* Gold ** Platinum
Copper * Lantanum Chromium * Tellurium
Titanium ** Germanium** Cesium ** Nickel *
Fluorine * Rubidium **

40-1,000 ppb (parts per billion)

Strontium * Thorium Tungsten ** Cerium
Zirconium Gallium ** Thallium Iridium
Rhodium Lithium ** Uranium Molybdenum *
Osmium Radium Tin * Bismuth
Palladium ** Beryllium ** Indium Silver **