Reviews on SOURCE Original


Money Well Spent
We have used Source for nearly 30 years and have been well pleased with it. Our horses are slick, fat and happy on less feed. A couple of months after I started feeding Source I had to cut way back on the amount of feed I was giving each horse. They were getting too fat! Needless to say, I was very pleased with the results or I wouldn’t have been a loyal customer for so long a time.
Trailrider, OH

Must Have in every barn!!
Source was recommended to me by both my farrier and vet.  They promised it would help my horses coat, hooves, and overall health. They also said it would clear up my horse’s sunburned white muzzle. They were absolutely right!!!  No more sunburn, shiny coat, and tough hooves. I’ve kept all my horses on it for years and strongly recommend it for all horses – any age, breed, and work level. In my experience you may notice a slight increase in your horse’s energy level during the first week or two as they feel better, then they settle back to normal.

Source products work
I’ve used Source on all my horses for years. The first year I started, they all looked so good at the end of the winter that I began using the dog & human versions, too! No placebos for horses – products either work or don’t. Now using Focus SR on my 27-year-old mare. It helps her condition a lot.

Wonderful product
I was in harness racing, as an award-winning groom, for 35 years and I NEVER, repeat, NEVER found a better product for a horse’s hoofs than Source. I didn’t like hoof greases as they clogged the hoof, although I did like using a little Corona around the coronet bands. It doesn’t work overnight, but if you give Source about 3 weeks, you’ll see remarkable changes starting to take place. The hoof grows faster and stronger. I was never without this product for the horses I groomed, and I think if you try it, you won’t be either.

 Love this supplement!
 Sherry C.

Once on Source they’ve blossomed
I started using Source years ago when my horses moved to a new barn and were starting to look unthrifty. They were getting the right amount of feed but the nutrients in the local hay just weren’t enough to keep them in the condition I prefer. Once on Source they blossomed. I’ve kept them on it ever since and love the results.
Linda H

Great buy
Used Source for years!
Janice S

Every horse should be fed SOURCE
This is the only supplement I feed my horse. He is half bald face and because of that, has suffered from blistering sunburns his entire life. I read a few online reviews that claimed this amazing keratin-building product would help with his poor burn face and I talked to a good friend who is also a farrier. He swore by the product! My horse is now sunburn free and is no longer face shy. His hooves and coat have also improved greatly since using Source. It is also extremely affordable. I can’t believe such a small amount makes such a huge difference! I’ve added before/after photos to show how much of a difference Source has made on my horse (the photos were taken before feeding Source and a month after starting him on Source once a day).  Update (2 years later) I am still using Source daily and have noticed a healthier coat, stronger hooves, and almost no sunburn in the heat of summer!

15 years
Used this for my horses for 15 years

Wonderful Supplement!
I’ve been giving Source to my horses since the mid-1980s. It improves their hoof condition and gives them beautiful coats. I have peace of mind knowing that they’re getting a good, natural supplement full of micronutrients.

About 40 years
Have used Source Micronutrients for about 40 years. Highly recommend for horses and goats.

Great product!
One month ago, I started my new 15-year-old QH gelding on the Source powder. Vet came to check him yesterday and commented on how nice his coat looks. I had also previously used this product on my 30 year old QH mare who I owned for 22 years as well and her coat and feet were always in great shape, so that’s why I started this new horse on Source as it was a proven product.

I have used this product for over 22 years on all my horses. The oldest horse is 27 and is still bucking in the morning during his turnout. He doesn’t feel his age and is in great health! My feed room will never be without Source Micronutrients.

From head to toe
We have used Source for over 10 years. Â We feel that it provides our horses with a great coat and good overall nutrition from head to toe!

Proven product
I’ve used Source for many, many years. It is a proven product that every horse can benefit from. I was anxious to get it and I received it in a very timely manner.
Bobbi Y.

Tried others…not as good
I love this product.  I used it yrs ago and loved it. Tried others and not near as good results. So, I am going back. Wonderful results on my horses
Debbie M.

Coats like satin
I have been a professor of Equine Science for 23 years, and I still can’t tell why this stuff works. I’ve been giving it to my horses for decades. Sure, there are trace minerals and such, but either the combination is special or there are other properties (pixie dust, maybe?) that produce the amazing effect. The most obvious benefit is in exceptional coat quality–like satin! Sure, it smells like a wharf at low tide, but the horses learn to accept it readily. Mine will lick it out of my hand now.

Smells terrible to people, but we’ve never had a horse dislike it!

Does wonders
Source Does wonders for the health of my horse along with healthy hooves and a shiny coat.
Oregon C. 

One of the best products on the market. 
I’ve used Source for years. I just had my horse’s shoes reset and the shoer said his feet were in really good shape, so much better than the other horses he had been shoeing.

Nothing I’ve tried works as well
I have used this product for at least 40 years and love it. I even take it daily for healthy hair and nails. It will help hooves, add shine and is economical. Nothing I have tried works as well.

Unreal shiniest horse around 
Source is a wonderful product. My horse’s coat is always so bright and shiny, his feet are in really good shape, no cracks, and source lets him make better use of his feed. Would recommend this product to everyone.

Recommended by a friend
My friend has used this micronutrient supplement with her horses for years and highly recommends it. I started out using a half a scoop added to their feed then worked up to the full scoop. I can see a difference in their coats already. They both seem not to notice a change in the flavor of their usual grain, so I plan to continue with it.

Source, since the early 80’s
I have been using Source since the early 1980’s. My horses are never sick, have great hoofs, good coats and seem more content.

Great for everyone
Started using this last year and am happy with the results. Feed it to my dog as well as my horse and I wouldn’t want to be without it for either of them. Liked it so much I ordered the human version (called Micro Max) for myself and I take it every day! I highly recommend it.
Horse Lover, WA 

Can’t Beat It
Source came into our barn 16 years ago as part of a prize package from a competition. I saw a major change in my horses’ hooves, coat and over all body composition. I have yet to find another product to beat Source. The price, quantity and quality has yet to be beaten in our barn. My husband wanted to try other products and I refused. After over-paying and little results from other products he came right back to Source. There are other products on the market but as my husband found, most of them hype up the horses. The first horse we tried with Source came to us as a bag of bones. One year later on high cost, high fat feeds, we saw little change in the hooves, coat and muscles mass. We started adding Source to his diet and saw positive changes in less than 3 months. I would recommend feeding Source starting in Jan/Feb, you will be surprised at your horse’s coat when it slicks out in April/May. Just buy one bucket and try it. I hope you love it as much as we do.
Jamie, AL

Source is terrific
I have used this product for 30 years and swear by it. I did side-by-side tests of some horses on it and some not. Soon, all went on it. It is valuable for coats and feet but, best of all, more than compensating for the cost of Source.
KitK, FL

When you have a sure thing…
Long ago user of source. Recently acquired another and when you have a sure thing, you buy it again….no matter how many years have passed.
Bonnie B.

Recommended by horse trainer
Great product was recommended by horse trainer at horse fair, so we ordered some and our horses have done great on it. We travel to trail ride and our horses did great with long distance travel and performance.
Angie F.

Great product
Great product for adding those extra nutrients, particularly as the weather and quality and quantity of pasture grass changes.
Bianca P.

Helps with hoof growth and overall health
This product helps my mare’s feet stay healthy and growing well. I also use feed it to my gelding.
Jaime H.

Great product
Excellent product. Been using it for about 3 years.
Duane S.

Always very satisfied 
with this product. I have tried others and always come back to Source for my horse
Louise B.

Source is Great!
I’ve used Source for my horses since the mid-1980s. It makes their manes, tails & coats soft & silky. Their hooves get healthier & hold shoes better. I wouldn’t be without it. I even started taking Micro Max, which is Source for people. My hair is much better, and my nails are stronger & grow like crazy. Source is great!
Billi J.

Something EVERY horse owner should be using.
This product is awesome every horse owner should be using SOURCE less feed in manure pile. I feed my horse a complete Senior feed and had to cut back on his grain. Excellent product.
David K.

Great product
Great product used it for years Delivered promptly
Jalane S

Perfect Supplement for everything that’s missing!
I love Source micronutrients. I have used it for years with nothing but wonderful results. It’s a great way to give your horse what its missing from its diet. It has improved coat & hoof health, helped horses gain weight and all-around improved health. I will always feed Source to my horses!
Jessa, OH

Works great
All my horses have been on it for years. Just remember to not overdue as it is TRACE minerals
Vanessa V.

I’ve given this to two of my TBs and it’s not only helped their feet but helped their manes and tails grow
Mada M.

Love source
we’ve been using source for 15 years and our horses’ coats are shiny.
Linda S.

Now my husband makes sure we always have enough!
This product has been a staple in my barn for absolute years! One time my husband insisted on saving money and refused to let me continue using it (ok ladies…it was a different time back then!). Our feed and farrier bills went up, up, up. Now, he makes certain that we have enough on hand at all times!                               
Robin D.

a great supplement and goes a long way
Virginia K.

exceptional product, with unlimited benefits.
I have used this product for well over 25 years. They are fit, excellent hooves, coat, and overall condition. I would recommend it to any and all horse owners.
Verna R. 

Love this stuff
Have given this to several different horses and have my current gelding on it. Makes them so soft and shiny!
Kelsey C.O

My go-to for putting a bloom on a horse
For years, folks have asked my how my horses have such great coats. They show dapples, even in the winter. And my farriers have always commented on the quality of my horse’s feet. It’s Source – it always produces these same results.
Linda C.

Source Original Powder
I have used Source for many years. I believe it helps the horses that are hard keepers.
Lisa S.

Used for years
Have used this for years with various animals and will continue to use to keep health up during work or production.
Heather M.  

I recommend Source
I think it has helped to make a well-rounded horse
Heidi H.

Good Product
I’ve been using Source for a few years now to help regrow my mare’s mane and tail. This product along with regular maintenance has been successful in seeing new growth.
Debra H.

Good stuff thanks
don h. 

The best
Love this product. A friend told me about it 27 years ago! My horse’s feet are awesome on this. All white feet that are strong.

Have been using it for 20 years!
I run a therapeutic riding program with Senior horses. We have been using Source for over 20 years and would not change a thing. Our horses are happy, good dispositions and shiny coats. Just a little scoop goes a long way to having a healthy horse.

Just try it!!
I love Source. I tried a different supplement for one month and my horse suffered from colic. Everyone always tells me how Beautiful my horses are, well it’s because of source. Their coats look like I use show sheen every day and I’ve never put it on my horses. When everyone else’s horses’ hooves are cracking in the dry hot summer conditions my horses’ hooves look beautiful. At first my girls didn’t like the taste, so I tossed a spoonful of applesauce in with it but now they gobble it up! Just try it you will not regret it!!! The only thing I ever regret is if I run out of my source.

Excellent product
I’ve used Source micronutrients for many years. Keeps my horses looking and feeling great. 

Glow with good health
There is nothing else I have ever tried that works better. After two weeks their coats look like they are kept in barn stalls.

We’ve fed this supplement for many years & our horses’ coats glow with good health. Especially my TBX chestnut gelding & our black Percheron mare.

Wouldn’t be without it
“Have used Source since it first came out & wouldn’t be without it. Horses are slick, shiny coated & hooves are in great condition. I have found they need a minimum amount of grain to maintain excellent body condition. I’ve never had a horse that has refused to eat it.”
John, OK

the only supplement since years ago
we are not giving any other supplements to our 2 Arabians-mostly on grass pasture and otherwise hay fed

so far so good
I bought this on recommendation from another reviewer. It seems to be doing what I wanted it to, improve overall health and promote better and stronger hoof growth without making horses “hyper/hot”

Always in my feed bin
I have used Source powder for years. I will always have it on hand. I believe it is a great product to help supplement the horses all year long

I used this 25 years ago and now that I have horses again, I remember why. Have been using it for about 1 1/2 yrs. and last winter when it was colder than normal, I was actually decreasing my grain not increasing it like I would normally do. Hoof growth and condition is great, my farrier says my horses’ growth is twice as fast and strong as his other customers. Great weight and shiny coats. their condition and weight are better. 

I love Source. The tub may look small, but it lasts for a long time! You don’t need to give very much of it per feeding. It turned out to be really great for my picky mare – she hates powdered supplements, and will almost go off of her feed, despite my best efforts to sweeten the deal w/ added sweet feed, or wetting the grain or making it into a mash. THIS, however, if I dampen the feed and shake it up with the source added, she eats it happily! (she picked through it at first) 

Extra Vitamins & Minerals
I take several supplements every day to boost my nutritional intake and I want to do the same for my horses. I like the “source” of the formula.

Highly palatable to my animals and I notice a difference in them when I run out of it. Feeds well with any grain. I’ve been using Source Original for 30 years in CO and now TX. My recently acquired Warmblood needs lower protein pellets, this ensures that she still gets the essentials on lower feed. Love it, will continue to buy it.

Prevents sunburn!!
My farrier and other horsemen had been urging me to try this, but I was skeptical and leery of the cost. Then my vet recommended it for my QH’s badly sunburned white nose. He said horses on Source won’t get sunburn! He was right! The sunburn went away within a week and never came back (in Hawaii!) Also has helped all my horses’ coats and hooves. I noticed several also picked up more energy, especially when they first start on it. Awesome product!

Good insurance
I have used Source for many years. It is a good natural product that can help especially if pasture or hay quality is lacking. 

Great supplement. great results!
I just ordered my second 30# bucket of Source Original for my QH mare and miniature mare. They both go barefoot and have great hooves and sleek shiny coats. They shed out pretty quickly this spring, I’ve noticed an improvement since they’ve been on Source. We also give it to our dogs and I take about 1/2 tsp. per day myself! I love this stuff!

SOURCE works wonders for a multitude of problems.
I would recommend Source for overall horse health – but especially for hoof problems, and as a primary supplement.

I take it every day and my horses deserve as much care.
I said palatability is excellent, however, as with any new product, it needs a slow start up. I start with about 1/4 scoop on two cups of low starch, no sugar food, with two tbl flax seed or seed meal. A little oil is added to make it stick to the food. I work up to the full dose over a two-week period. One horse took longer for full dose, so back tracked. I cut the pellets down to a cup, give the flax seeds and the full heaping scoop of Source Original. No easier way to get a full range of trace minerals, plus other benefits of algae.

Love this stuff!
My boys have been on Source for years. Their overall appearance improved significantly from day one. Helps maintain the TB’s problematic hoof issues. Palatability: 5

My 28 year YOUNG horse
I have used Source for my quarter horse for 17 years. She is now a 28 year young horse who is mistaken for a much younger mare. Her coat is full and shiny, and her energy level is great.
M, OH 

Fabulous stuff!
I first bought Source original from the feed store. One of my two horses didn’t care for the taste at first, but he got used to it pretty fast. The difference in the horses’ appearance within 2 weeks was even noticeable to my boyfriend. Both horses had super shiny coats, great hooves, and used their feed well. When the first container was empty, I found my feed store had no more Source, so I bought something else. What a mistake! My horses dropped weight and developed hoof problems. 

Great product!!!
I have been using Source for over 20 years. Lasts 5 months for 1 horse, so it is a great value. I have found that horses fed this supplement have improved coats, maintain a good weight, and I can feed a less expensive grain and feed less of it!

Outstanding product
I have been using this product for 15 plus years for all age of horse. My children were in High school rodeo so their horses needed to be in top shape at all times. I believe Source was a positive part of doing this. My daughter still barrel races and her present horse is on source. I have had very little vet issues with any horses over these years and also think source helps with the overall health. 

one of the best
wow where do I start. it does so many great things for my horse. his feet, coat and so much more. my horse will be on this for the rest of his life. also he’s is a picky eater and gobbles it down. and the price is great.

excellent product
I don’t know why there is so many diff. one the original is the only thing I would feed. It definitely helps with cracked hooves. I highly recommend this, vit e and selenium, vita plus and farnams fly feed through. never had an issue when I was using any of these. if I was able would be using them all
Dawn G

Great product
I love this stuff my horses are so shiny maintain perfect weight and nice hooves !!!!!!

Only supplement you really need in your barn
I started using this product when it was first offered for sale and I admit I was very skeptical when I ordered it but after just a few weeks I noticed such a dramatic change in my horse’s that I knew I had found my miracle horse supplement! That was over 30 years ago. I still use Source for all my horses regardless of their age. They all have perfect coats, great hooves! I never need shoes any more on any of them (even though we ride our horses on the trails over rocks and gravel a lot.) I never have any cracks, chips or any sort of hoof problem’s like I use to have. I never have to worry about underweight or over-weight horses! Source is a great product and shouldn’t be overlooked by anyone wanting healthy great looking horse’s inside and out.

Good for both hoof and horse
Source is the primary supplement that I give my endurance mare. In March of this year we finished three back-to-back 50 mile rides in great shape. We ride sand and rock frequently and her hoofs are like iron.
Linda K

Great product!
This is the single most important supplement you can feed your horse. I get a lot of rescue horses and this the first thing they go on. Makes every part of them healthy from coat to hooves. The best part is only one ingredient no fillers or preservatives. Highly recommend.

Always had excellent results
I’ve used Source for 20+ years and have always had excellent results. My horses always shed out well, have good hoof growth and minimal feed requirements. Source is an economical all-around supplement that helps keep my horses healthy.
Peggy, IN

Amazing benefits
The benefits of source are amazing. The micronutrients that seaweed contains help negate what our depleted soils have lost. 
Lynn B.  

Great results
I use this on my competition horses as well as off the track tb’s. Great results for maintaining weight, good feet, great coats and a well-balanced gut.
Paula P.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
Been using this for years and my horse is super healthy, gleaming coat, happy horse. It if ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’ll keep using this to make sure my horse gets all the nutrients he needs to be healthy and happy.
Cybele M.

Used it for years
I have used Source for years on my horses. They have good hooves, beautiful healthy coats and keep their weight well. Source helps me keep my horses of any breed healthy and looking their best,
Susan M.

Excellent product! 
Has improved health and over all wellbeing in all our animals! It also makes tails and manes grow. The tails are dragging on the ground!
Judy C.

Exceeds all expectations
If you own a horse this is a must have. It exceeds all expectations. Keeps my horses looking a cut above all other horses in the stable. An excellent choice for Senior horses.
David K.

One of my favorites
One of my favorite horse products. I know my horse gets the minerals that he needs. This is a great product.
Kim B.

I love this product.
It is so easy to use and really makes a difference in my horses’ health.
Nadine S. 

Original Source makes a difference
I have been using Original Source since the 80’s. My horses have beautiful coats and remain healthy year after year.
Kathleen S

Source works!
As we do equine therapy at our farm, someone donated a horse for our program. Well, he was eating up the boards in his stall so upon researching this, I found Source. In less than a week, we saw an incredible difference and have been using it every day. At one point the farm store where we purchased it, did not have it for 2 months and he started eating the boards again!

Over 30 years
I have been feeding Source to my horses for over 30 years. They stay in great condition. Most have stayed fit and sound until well into their 30’s.
Nita M

Since the beginning
I have been using this product since it began production.
Art G

Have not found a better product
I have had horses since 1960. In all that time I have not found a better product. The horses require less grain and have beautiful coats, manes and tails. I buy the 30 lb container.

Absolutely excellent
This mix is amazing. What a simple way to provide nutrients for your animal friends that is not synthetic and provides the many benefits of sea vegetation.  I will be honest, I buy the equine size Source but I actually give it to my dogs and I put it in my smoothly. Way cheaper than buying the capsules for humans or the dog version with added zinc. This stuff is the best and should be added to any diet, animal or human. If you can afford the other options that great but for those on a limited budget that believe in good nutrition this is the way to go.
Pam P

Works for every creature
I have used this for years on every kind of creature imaginable (raccoons to dogs to horses to show cattle) and there has never been a critter that didn’t improve at least a little bit, and it was usually a drastic improvement in a space of a few months. I have always recommended it to people who asked me how I managed to get my rescues looking so much better so quickly, and I have never heard of it not working (unless the critter was found to have worms or a very serious digestive issue)..

Convinced my niece
I bought this for my niece…She has two horses….
I’ve had horses in the past and I gave them Source….
I have my niece hooked on Source now. Her horses look beautiful !
Pamela A

Reliable and a mainstay
Good ole Source…you forget about then come back to and wonder why you ever quit using it to begin with.

Using again for my performance horses
This is a product I have used in the past and now renewed using on my performance horses
Morgan C 

Good stuff
My horse had a front crack on each of her front hooves but after treatment and a couple trims her hooves greatly improved.
Kathleen M

Have never been disappointed
I’ve used this in the past and have never been disappointed. Shiny coats, strong hooves and the horses love it. Great value for a great product.
Fatima S

All my horses
I give this to all my horses – all of them are elderly. I think this helps them get better nutrition from the hay that they get, along with the summer pasture. They eat it without any hesitation.   
Tanya H

Long time user
I have been using Source since it first came on the market. The results of using Source as part of your daily regime include a shiny coat and stronger hooves.
Linda G

Great overall nutritional supplement
Have been using original Source for years. It is made from seaweed and provides various forms of micronutrients that are missing in the soil. My horses have healthier coats and hooves, good attitudes, etc. My daughter feeds Source pellets to her performance mare with great results.
Carol B

Change Diet for cribbing? 
I’ve had success with several cribbers by adding a supplement called “Source” to their diet.  Not sure what the magic ingredient is, but it worked well with 3 of them.  

Enough said
I have been using this product since it began production.

Best product for the money!
We have been using Source for over 3 years and highly recommend it. It’s great for all ages and has proven to be an excellent product. We feed it to over 30 Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds every day. We particularly like the results with our mares and healthy foals. You will see a noticeable difference in about 30 days with hair-coat shine and overall bloom. Source is easy to feed and a little goes a long way. We tried other supplements but cost was prohibitive with so many mouths to feed. Once we tried Source, we stayed with it.
Ann, OH 

30 lb bucket is awesome!!!
I supplement all 16 of my horses with Source and none of the feed stores locally sell this large bucket! I love it. I have saved my smaller containers and simply refill them using the 30 lb container.
Sue, GA 

Source is a great balancer
I love the way my horses feel on Source. It is economical and really works. The bonus is they like the taste so they eat it.
T, MI  

Still the Best Nutritional Product available today!
A must-have if you want a happy, healthy horse. I use only natural products, especially when it comes to nutrition. In a short amount of time, I saw improvements from hooves & hair coat to stamina & energy. A great product if you want winners.

Great product for 30 years
Have been giving this product to every horse I have had in training. Even the flea butted greys dappled up, robust and healthy.

Great product
I love this stuff my horses are so shiny maintain perfect weight and nice hooves !!!!!!

LOVE this stuff
My horses have been getting Source as long as I have had them. They get used to the taste very quickly and I always get compliments on how healthy they look! 

the compliments keep coming!

I was a little skeptical of all the things that this supplement promised to do but it was a great price and i didn’t see a reason not to…and let me tell you the difference is very noticeable! i have a young mustang who was blessed with great genes so i was wondering if I’d really notice a difference and let me tell you i DID! his coat gleams all the time, i mean all the time it isn’t sun faded (and that’s something in GA) his mane and tail are soft and i don’t get nearly as much left in the brush after i groom and his feet, which have always been great, are growing faster (my farrier loves it :), the frogs look much healthier and even with all this moisture they are holding up amazingly well everyone who sees him compliments him, so even if you are blessed with a happy healthy horse try it…oh and my picky eater doesn’t seem to mind it at all.
Sam, GA

This product has made an incredible difference in my horses! Within a week their coats had more shine and even their feet looked healthier. Being that two of my horses are older I think I’m going to start using the Senior formula, but I am very happy with this product and highly recommend it to anyone!